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Software and Tools Designed to Help Maximize Customer Engagement.

At Engagex, we have a variety of software and tools to help achieve the goals of customer engagement. From dialing software, to database management, to insurance coverage review software, we have the tools you need to engage more customers. We can white label these softwares for your internal use. Contact us to learn more about what tools are available to assist you in your custom campaign.

What We Do:

  • Click-to-Call Automatic Dialing Software
  • Customer/Prospect Database Management
  • Coverage Insight Customer Insurance Review Software

Host Dial Casino Phone Marketing Software

HostDial is an affordable click-to-call software designed to make outbound dialing campaigns for casinos ultra-effective. Many host or player development teams work off spreadsheets or physical paper lists, which makes call tracking, distribution, and note taking difficult and time-consuming. HostDial allows your hosts to easily engage more of your players.

HostDial Features:

  • Automatic List Auto Loader and Auto Dialer
  • Hosts Make 40-50 Calls per Hour
  • Manager Dashboard to Set Parameters of Campaigns
  • View Call Agent Performance Statistics
  • Automatic Disposition Records and Player History Notes
  • And More

Coverage Insight Customer Insurance Review Software

Coverage Insight is a software tool designed to help insurance agents get the most out of their book of business by making customer insurance review meetings as insightful as possible. The principles involved in Coverage Insight’s features focus on improving client retention and uncovering new policy sales. Cover Insight walks agents and their clients step-by-step through meeting preparation and policy discussions, identifying new sales opportunities along the way.

Features of Coverage Insight:

  • Customer Insurance Review Meeting Preparation
  • Step-by-Step Policy Review
  • View Upcoming Meetings & Open Opportunities
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Assign Tasks to Staff Members and Manage Workload
  • Referral Program Automation
  • Online Customer Needs Assessment Surveys
  • And More

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