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With 15 years in the industry, Engagex has developed the very best phone program standards, processes and procedures available for Gaming & Hospitality Clients. We’ll help you adapt your Guest Services, Player Development and Hotel Reservations programs to better engage your players and drive more results. From tele-sales training to caller phone presence and objections training to comprehensive reporting, we’ll help improve your internal phone programs to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Phone-Based Engagements?

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Many properties experience great success with personalized Host, PD and Hotel Reservation programs. Phone based player engagement improves the guest response and builds brand loyalty. Whether you are looking to improve your Guest Services, Hotel Reservations or connect with guests with a comprehensive Player Development program, our Customized Training will help! Engagex has over a decade of phone based services, training and solutions. Over the years, we have become experts in building Guest Services Programs, Player Development Programs and Hotel Reservation Programs. Our training services are customized to fit the needs of your property.

At times, phone employees can sound too stiff or too casual, too distracted or perhaps disinterested. Does everyone at your property greet guests uniformly? Do they use a common vernacular that is unique to your casino’s culture? Are they saying “please” and “thank you”? When engaging with a guest over the phone, it’s the small things that make a difference and leave the lasting impression of your organization. To ensure that your customer is left with a world-class over-the-phone experience, Engagex phone presence training will make sure that all phone employees represent your brand with the highest level of engagement.

Rarely does a call go according to script. Being prepared to respond to guests’ objections during a phone call is essential to driving your expected outcome. Engagex will work with each phone employee to help them gently and professionally respond to guest objections and feel in control of the conversation at all times.

The most effective outbound calling programs begin with a stellar script. If a script is too short, you’re likely to leave your guest confused. If a script is too long, you likely won’t have a chance to deliver your message. We’ll work with your team to understand the intent of the call and, drawing on our vast experience, we’ll develop an effective script that will drive results for your team.

The key to a successful phone engagement is to be comfortable and natural while on the call. Script training for all phone employees is a must and we’re here to help. We’ll work with each team member to familiarize them with the script and give them tips and tools to help them become experts. We’ll also test each employee to ensure they are ready to hit the phones.

One of the biggest challenges for an outbound calling program is organizing your data in a way that allows multiple team members to efficiently call on the same list. Many teams print out a huge list and divide the physical pages amongst the available callers. This causes obvious difficulty in distributing contacts and recording results. We’ll provide you with processes and tools that will ensure that the right team member is calling the right guest at the right time, and automatically record the result of the call.

When carried out correctly, an outbound calling program will pay for itself by driving new revenue. In order to know if your outbound calling program is making a difference in your business, you must first analyze your current activities and the results you are getting. By benchmarking your current effectiveness, you can create a baseline by which you can measure your efforts and progress. We’ll help you establish a benchmark and evaluate your baseline so you can be confident in your efforts.

The power of an outbound calling program is unleashed only when team members make consistent, focused effort on calling. We’ll work with your team members to evaluate their availability and create a predictable call schedule for which they can be accountable. Our custom schedule will also be sure to account for days and times that you will find success contacting your players. Using our proprietary calculator, we’ll custom tailor a solution and program that will be perfect for your team and will drive the results that you need.

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