At Engagex, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest insurance carriers for over a decade. We’ve found that the most successful insurance companies provide their agents with a variety of tools to help them be successful. At Engagex, we specialize in phone-based customer outreach to contact your customers and drive engagement to help your agents improve client retention and sell new policies. Read over our recommended campaigns below to see how we can help you engage more customers.

Recommended Customer Response Programs

Insurance Review Appointment Setting

Our expert call floor will contact existing customers and set an appointment for them to meet with their agent to review gaps or overlaps in their coverage. These meetings improve client retention and identify cross-sell opportunities.

Life Insurance Cross-Sell Campaign

We’ll help your agents uncover interest for life insurance products from existing insurance clients by setting up a review appointment where the agent can build the case for life insurance.

Unassigned Policy Holder Contacting

We’ll contact unassigned (orphan) policy holders and inform them of who their new agent it. We’ll deliver a welcome message and report any questions and concerns to the agent for follow up.

Custom Contact Programs

Do you want to engage with your clients? We have the resources and processes to efficiently and effectively get results. With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, we can consult you on what would work best for your agents.

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