At Engagex, we have tailored solutions specifically designed for various industries. Over the years, we have used our tools and expertise to help companies in many different industries reach their goals. Whether you are distributing janitorial supplies or reviewing insurance policies, we have the solutions to make your campaign a success.

Insurance Industry

Meet with More Clients. Write More Policies. Improve Retention.

At Engagex, we are trusted by some of the largest insurance companies in the nation to help their agents acquire, upsell, service, and retain customers. We focus specifically on customer insurance review programs but have the capabilities to fulfill custom campaigns for your brand. With a world-class contact center, direct mail printing services, and cutting-edge technology, Engagex is the vendor of choice for some of the nation’s largest insurance brands.

Why Insurance Companies love Engagex:

  • Insurance Review Appointment Setting
  • Life Insurance Cross-Sell Campaigns
  • Unassigned Policy Holder Contacting
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Insurance Review & Sales Opportunity Software
  • Custom Campaigns

Gaming/Casino Industry

Engage More Players. Generate More Revenue.

Casino revenues thrive when properties are successful at driving repeat customer play. After all, that’s the point of a player rewards program, right? At Engagex, we know that repeat play occurs when you meaningfully and frequently engage with customers. Using multiple channels to reach them, Engagex is the perfect partner to handle a coordinated effort with email, direct mail, texting, and telephone outreach.

What We Do:

  • Player Promotion Calls
  • Enrollment Programs
  • Win-Back Programs
  • Direct Mail Follow Up
  • Surveys
  • Reservations & RSVPs
  • And More

Automotive Industry

Manage the Vehicle Ownership Lifecycle. 

At Engagex, we help car dealerships increase sales and service revenue by managing the ownership lifecycle for their customers. Whether it’s setting appointments for service, contracting warrantee renewal prospects, or simply augmenting an existing business development center, we drive revenue and yield a stellar ROI with every touch point.

With robust integration capabilities, Engagex becomes a seamless extension of the business operations team to drive revenue into the dealership.

What We Do:

  • Post-Purchase Surveys
  • Owner Retention Programs
  • Recall Notifications
  • Service Reminders
  • Warranty Renewals
  • Equity Mining Outreach

Distribution Industry

Drive Repeat Sales. Reduce Costs.

Relationships and repeat purchases are the lifeblood of the distribution industry. At Engagex, we help distribution companies establish, maintain, and reignite customer relationships to drive consistent revenue growth. Whether it’s coordinating a direct mail/email/telephone SMP, or fielding inbound customer service orders, Engagex has a solution to save money and increase market share.

What We Do:

  • New Product Line Promotions
  • Inactive Customer Re-engagement
  • Cross-Line Upselling
  • Trigger-Based Life Cycle Engagement
  • Custom Multichannel Engagement Campaigns

Hospitality Industry

Increase Room Occupancy. Engage Guests.

Optimizing room occupancy, increasing guest support, and reducing operational costs are all important in hospitality industry. At Engagex, we have strategies that help hotels improve their bottom line while enhancing the guest experience. From coordinated marketing campaigns to PBX management, Engagex will act as a seamless extension of your staff to ensure that guests keep returning to your property.

What We Do:

  • Inbound Reservation Booking
  • Previous Guest Retargeting
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Programs
  • Multichannel Engagement

Healthcare Industry

Strategies for Better Care through Patient Engagement.

Managing and improving the patient experience is becoming an increasingly important business imperative in the healthcare industry. Doing so will help to maintain market share and minimize the risk of losing reimbursement money. At Engagex, we work with healthcare professionals to deploy engagement strategies that are designed to give patients an active role in their care and ensure that they leave with a favorable impression. From performing follow-up appointment scheduling to managing HCAHPS scores, Engagex has solutions that will reduce cost and improve the patient experience.

What We Do:

  • Post-Treatment Follow Up
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • HCAHPS Score Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Follow-Up Appointment Scheduling
  • Multichannel Engagement

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