Hotel Reservation Services

How do you engage your guests before they step on property? What is the guest experience like compared to your competition? Answering Inbound Hotel Reservation calls in a timely manner and facilitating the guests requests helps create a more personalized guest experience. Engagex offers Hotel Reservation Services and Solutions customized to your brand and to fit your properties needs.

Hotel Front Desk Optimization & Training

Is Your Team Providing the Most Exceptional Guest Experience?

Discover Areas of Emphasis and Optimize Your Hotel Reservation Team with Our Discovery & Review Solutions

The hotel front desk often experiences high and unpredictable call volumes, usually just after the marketing mailer drops with little advance warning. If you aren’t fully optimized and prepared for high call volumes, you may be losing business. Our Hotel Reservation Optimization and Training program teaches your team how to provide the best guest experience possible, and ultimately, more revenue for your property.

Hotel Reservation Optimization & Training:

Are you satisfied with the wait, hold time or over-all guest experience of your hotel reservation line? Not sure where to start making adjustments? We can help! Engagex Hotel Reservations Program Review will take a deep dive into how your program is set up and provide recommendations for areas for immediate and long-term improvement.

Do you have a new or growing Hotel Reservations Team? Do you struggle to find the time to train and improve their processes? We can help! Engagex Hotel Reservations Training Program is designed to help train your team on strategy, processes, efficiencies that create a 5-star guest experience. We will work closely with each of your team members to make sure they understand the program, how it works and what their role is in making it a success.

Are you in the process of launching a NEW Hotel? Maybe it just opened and you are not sure how you are going to staff the influx of Inbound Reservation calls? Maybe you have the staff but don’t have the time or necessary resources to fully train them. We can help! Engagex NEW Hotel Launch Services is designed to help you train your team to have a successful launch. The Engagex Call Team can become a seamless extension of your team by fielding Inbound Reservation calls on your behalf.

Engagex Hotel Reservation Overflow Solutions

Does Your Hotel Reservations Team Experience High and Unpredictable Call Volumes?

Our Outsourced Hotel Reservations Services Team can Help You Handle More Reservations while Creating a Better Guest Experience

Are you losing business because your inbound reservations team has more than they can handle? When you’re occupied with staffing challenges, sick time, PTO, or an increased volume in calls, hold times increase and the guest experience suffers. Our Hotel Reservations Overflow Programs provide an extension to your reservations team and allow you to handle high volume calls and book more rooms.

Hotel Reservation Overflow Solutions:

When you send out your monthly mailers or have an irresistible promotion running, you’re likely to get a larger than normal response for several days. Having a flexible budget or staffing schedule might not be a feasible plan. We can help. Our Hotel Reservation Overflow Solutions allow our team of expert callers to become a seamless extension of your team. Our team is trained to understand the function, culture, and principles of your property. We help handle inbound calls to make sure your secure the maximum number of reservations and RSVP possible.

Our Hotel Reservations Programs can be customized to fit your needs and personalized to create a 5-Star Guest experience. No matter what the subject of a call, if you need help answering calls, our inbound team can be trained to provide excellent guest services.

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