HostDial Click-to-Call Software for Player Development Teams

With over a decade in the tele-sales industry, at Engagex, we’ve developed some of the most useful software for phone-based marketing. Our HostDial software has been developed specifically to help gaming and hospitality properties more effectively contact more players and drive more revenue.

HostDial Click-to-Call Software

Is Your Player Development Team Effective, Efficient, and Accurate?

Contact More Guests, Record More Information, and Manage More Players with HostDial

HostDial is an affordable click-to-call software designed to make outbound dialing campaigns for casinos ultra-effective. Many host or player development teams work off spreadsheets or physical paper lists, which makes call tracking, distribution, and note taking difficult and time-consuming. HostDial allows your hosts to easily engage more of your players.

HostDial Features:

Is your team manually dialing the number of each player they call? If so, you’re exposing them to serious caller fatigue, not to mention low efficiency. HostDial software automatically loads the next contact from a list with the ability for your callers to simply click to call, thus ensuring a quick and sure contact of each player on the list.

Thanks to our auto-loader and click-to-call software, most properties see dial rates around 40-50 dials per hour, allowing your PD team to reach more players and drive more visits.

HostDial’s manager dashboard allows managers to set the custom parameters of their campaign. Managers can choose which callers are assigned to specific players, which players get called first, and more.

HostDial automatically tracks performance statistics of each call agent assigned to a campaign, making team management and reporting easy.

When a caller finished a conversation and marks the disposition, HostDial automatically adds the disposition to the player’s file, thus making reporting quick, easy, and comprehensive. You can view every interaction that has ever taken place with a single caller, or view the total number of dispositions placed by your team.

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