Casino Telephone Marketing Services

Engagex provides the solutions, tools, and resources you need to maximize the revenue form your database of players, especially through your phone engagements. We provide phone team training, outbound calling software, and overflow calling services to help you contact more players from your database to drive more revenue.

Solutions, Tools, and Resources You Need to Engage with Your Guests and Drive More Revenue

Phone Program Training

We’ll Organize, Optimize, and Maximize Your Calling Programs to Make Your Host and Player Development Team as Effective as Possible

HostDial Calling Software

Powerful Software to Take Your Outbound Calling to the Next Level. Increase Productivity, Speed, and Effectiveness.

Overflow Calling Services

We’ll become an extension of your team to handle inbound or outbound calls when your team has more than they can handle.

Training & Program Implementation

We’ll organize, optimize, and maximize your calling programs to make your host and player development team as effective as possible. We’ll help you construct and execute an outbound calling program to drive more revenue and player spending from every player in your database.

With over a decade of outbound calling experience, we’ve become experts in script development, caller organization, benchmarks, call scheduling, and more. We want to share our knowledge with your team!

Training Programs:

Your effective outbound calling campaign begins with a stellar script. If it’s too long, you’ll lose your guest’s attention, if it’s too short, you’ll leave your guest confused. We’ll work with your team to understand the goals and intent of the call and develop a script to drive results.

One of the biggest challenges for your calling program is organizing data in a way that allows multiple team members to effectively call from the same list. Many teams use a physically printed list and distribute pages to their callers. This will create obvious problems. We’ll provide you with a process and tools that allow you to distribute leads to callers, automatically record call results and notes, and more.

In order to optimize your calling program, you’ve got to understand how well your callers are performing. You need to analyze your current activities and results against a baseline. We’ll help you establish benchmarks to evaluate your efforts against.

If your callers are uncomfortable with the script, it will be difficult to be effective at engaging guests. We’ll work with your team members to familiarize them with the script and give them tips and tools to help them become experts. We’ll also provide test and certifications to make sure callers are ready to hit the phones.

We’ll work with your team members to evaluate their availability and create a predictable call schedule. Our custom schedule will account for days and times that you will find the most success contacting your players. Using our proprietary calculator, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Rarely does a call go exactly according to script. Being prepared to respond to guests’ objections during a phone call is essential to driving your expected outcome. Engagex will work with each phone employee to help them gently and professionally respond to objections to feel in control of the conversations.

At times, phone employees can sound too stiff or too casual, too distracted or perhaps disinterested. Does everyone at your property greet guests uniformly? Do they use a common vernacular that is unique to your casino’s culture? Are they saying “please” and “thank you”? When engaging with a guest over the phone, it’s the small things that make a difference and leave the lasting impression of your organization. To ensure that your customer is left with a world-class over-the-phone experience, Engagex phone presence training will make sure that all phone employees represent your brand with the highest level of engagement.

Overflow Calling Services

Sometimes your host and PD team simply have too many calls to handle. Engagex’s expert call floor can help with some of that overflow. We offer a variety of inbound and outbound call services. We will follow your script to make sure to provide a seamless look and feel with your property and to ensure we meet the objectives of your campaign while providing the volume necessary to drive revenue and overall success.

We’ll become an extension of your team to handle inbound or outbound calls when your team has more than they can handle.

We’re Here to Assist Your Casino’s Phone Marketing Program When Your Team Has Too Much to Handle

When you have a special promotion running, we’ll call your players and give them the details of the promotion to get them onto your property.

We’ll call your database of guests who are not yet members to help get them signed up.

We will contact your inactive or declining players to warm them back up and drive new revenue from them.

You probably already send email and direct mail to your players (if not, we can help you get that set up). We’ve seen tremendous responses from calling your direct mail recipients to follow up on the information they previously received.

Our callers will conduct any survey you can think of with your guests.

We also have trained inbound callers to take reservations and special event RSVPs when your guests call in.

If you have any need for a phone program, our skilled and experienced call center can fulfill it for you. Whether inbound or outbound, we can handle your needs.

HostDial Calling Software

HostDial is a click-to-call software designed to make your outbound calling process more effective. Many host/PD teams work off physical paper lists. This makes call tracking, distribution, and updates difficult and time-consuming. HostDials allows your hosts to engage more players because it features:

HostDial Software Features

HostDial includes a click-to-call system that allows your callers to easily make 40-50 dials per hour. Click-to-call reduces caller fatigue and makes your team more efficient.

HostDial automatically manages your lists. From autoloading contacts in any order of your choosing, to removing do not call requests, to automatically scheduling call backs, HostDial makes list management a breeze.

Record every call your callers make so you can listen for quality assurance and training purposes.

HostDial is completely web-based, meaning there is no installation or integration required. Easily access HostDial from the web on any device.

Conduct and record responses to your customer satisfaction or competitor surveys right on the platform.

The settings automatically included in HostDial make it easy to remain Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do Not Call (DNC) Compliant.

Are you ready to drive more revenue from your players?

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