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At Engagex, we provide solutions & services to maximize the effectiveness of your phone marketing programs. We utilize internal training to optimize your existing phone marketing programs, and overflow calling services to allow our team of expert callers to drive added volume. We focus on guest services, player development, and hotel reservations, or any custom solutions to maximize your player frequency and increasing your gaming revenue.

Engage More Players. Generate More Revenue.

Casino revenues thrive when properties are successful at increasing trip frequency. After all, that’s the point of your PD and rewards program, right? At Engagex, we know that your valuable players will come back to play when you create meaningful and personal engagements with them. Whether it’s your Host, Rewards Center or Hotel Front Desk staff, using synchronized, personal phone engagements is guaranteed to create a personal touch with each and every player that walks through your doors! The combination of those personal touches is what builds loyalty and keeps the guest coming back for more!

Our Services & Solutions:

  • Player Development (PD) Overflow Calling Programs
  • Internal PD Phone Program Implementation & Optimization
  • Guest Services Overflow Call Handling
  • Custom Internal Guest Services Training
  • Special Event Reservation Overflow Calling
  • Hotel Reservations Overflow Calling
  • HostDial Autodialer Software

To Help You Engage More Guests, We Focus On:

Player Development

Learn how to reach every player in your database to remind them of their offers & promotions, and ultimately, drive more revenue.

Guest Services

Organize, optimize, and maximize your guest services teams to make sure you are providing a 5-star guest experience.

Hotel Reservations

Handle more Hotel, Special Event, Customer Service, or other RSVP calls from your players more effectively.

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