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A Multichannel Customer Engagement Company.
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A customer who is fully engaged with your
company will spend 23% more.

Plug and Play Customer Engagement

Our services "plug and play" into our existing customer management process to fill
any gaps in the customer lifecycle.

Lead Generation:
End-to-end lead generation programs handle each phase of the marketing and customer relationship,as part of an integrated strategy for growth. Through the use of digital and traditional channels, we can help attract, capture, and nurture leads.
Our inbound and outbound sales professionals can adopt your selling protocols and then augement your sales team and increase your sales volume.
Customer Support:
Answering questions and resolving issues quickly is hugely important. Engagex can augment your customer service efforts to help you respond to customers faster than before, via our online chat, text, email, and telephone capabilities.
Customer Feedback:
Understanding a customer's sentiments and buying habits is an essential part of a product strategy. We help you gain insights by using a multichannel approach to asking these critical questions.
Customer Renewal:
Business growth is a function of repeat purchases. Our Multichannel approach will help to renew or win-back your aging customers who are nearing, or are past, their renewal period.

The Channels We Use to Engage

Solutions That Help You Engage with Your Customers

The Stuff That Makes Us Different

Client Success

A Major Insurance Carrier Increased Life Insurance Sales by 142% with Engagex

An Insurance Carrier Boosted Sales Opportunity by 27% with Engagex

Customer Engagement Lifted Casino Revenue by 5.9X