Phone-Based Customer Outreach

At Engagex, we’re a marketing firm that specializes in phone-based customer outreach. To put it simply, our expert callers contact your existing customers over the phone to deliver a custom message and help you meet your business goals. We have over a decade of experience helping both large and small companies ensure better customer engagement and ultimately, more sales for their business.

Industries That Utilize Engagex





Engagex has worked with businesses in various industries over the years. Regardless of the industry you work in, Engagex’s outbound customer contact solutions can help you drive more spending from your customers and meet your overall business goals. We help casinos increase the frequency of visits from past customers. We help insurance agents meet with clients for policy review meetings. We help automotive firms get the word out about special promotions. We can help your business too.

Custom Campaigns Tailored For Your Needs

Promotion Outreach

When you’re running a marketing promotion, we can help you get the word out. We will help you customize a script to introduce customers to your promotion, or follow up on your mailers or emails.

Appointment Setting

We’ll reach out to your existing customers and schedule an appointment for them to come into your office so you don’t have to spend any time on the phone. We’ll fill your calendar and get your clients in the door.

Customer Insights & Surveys

We can survey your customers about a variety of topics to improve your services. Customer satisfaction, competitor surveys, and more depending on your needs.

Customer Loyalty &
Retention Programs

From birthday calls to rewards notifications, we can show your customers how much you value them and improve retention.  We help keep your customers tied to you.

Customer Enrollment & Winback Campaigns

Our callers can be trained to quickly and painlessly onboard your new customers. We also specialize in winning back customers through special programs and promotions.

Custom Campaigns

No matter what goals you have, we have the tools to fulfill your custom campaign. If you want to contact your customers for any reason, we can provide the solutions to get the best response possible.

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